Portal Fin do Camiño


Phase III


We go out from Olveiroa by a track climbing up which leads to Castuelo dam, which takes the great part of this ascent. You pass by the new building of Valderripas bridge till Logoso village and without leave the soil track you reach Hospital.

We left Hospital behid and in the same street by which we go in to the village we arrrive to a way fork, the letf road goes to Fisterra. The metalic carbide factory bind us to follow the street till its ver gate, in front of which starts again the Royal Way. By paths we reach first Marco do Couto crosspiece and later the Santuario das Neves and San Pedro Mártir. Following by paths we reach the Monte da Armada, enclave from where it’s distinguished one of the best views of Fisterra cape. The slope down is complicated till arrive to Cee, from here on the way is a pleasant stroll by the sea.

Passing Cee we arrive to the city of Corcubión, beautiful Costa da Morte town. Since one year ago we can find in Monte de San Pedro a new pilgrims lodging, which is worked towards by the Friends of the Santiago Way Galician Partnership

Leaving this lodgind we follow the street which leads us till Sardiñeiro, passing Estorde Beach, which is the entry gate of Fisterra City Hall.

We reach Fisterra alcánzase by the wide and beautiful Langosteira beach, place selected to put into effect the first of the rituals, the bath. Going over its two kilometers we go into town already by Coruña Avenue, crossing Santa Catalina street we face the pilgrims lodging, place where they award the Fisterrana to all the pilgrims who correctly prove the Way Journey. They do not hand this document and neither take in at the lodging noone who didn’t realize this way walking, biking or horsing; never by means of bus, car or any other mechanical locomotion means.

The lodging is located at the Royal Street, from there, the pilgrim is only 3 kms away tol the Lighthouse, these kilometers wander about by the town centre, climbin up facing Santa María das Areas Church and from there to the Lighthouse.

At the lighthouse we must done the lacking ritual, watch the sunset, never take a bath in that zone, due the sea riskiness.

Building built over a local property at the town centre, it constitutes the first lodging which comino to work at this route.

Lodging ruled by the Galicia Xunta, it can hold 24 places, one of them for disabled persons. Opening starts at 17:00 hours and available all year long.


  • Kitching-dining room and living room.
  • cleanning room
  • Loundry and drying place
  • Hot water and drinking water
  • Heater
  • Showers and toilets
  • Mesical cabinet
  • Public Phone
  • Refrigerator
  • Washer and dryer
  • Information Bureau.

Pilgrims Lodging
Real Street, 2
15155 Fisterra

+34 981 740781

+34 981740677


Begoña Valdomar Insua

Open all year long. Exclusive right for proved properly pilgrims.