Portal Fin do Camiño


Phase I


Fisterra way starts on the Obradoiro square, going over the streets of Hortas, Poza do Bar and Carballeira de San Lorenzo, arriving in a steep slope to Sarela Bridge and Lower Sarela , last place where you can watch the Cathedral towers.

After passing Sarela bridge you must get, during a stretch ,now ascent, a narrow path which will take us by a maze of tracks till the village of Lower Moas de Abaixo.

The tracks multiplied themselves till arrive to Roxos valley and following the ascent till reach a place known as Alto do Vento, from where the Way starts the slope facing a Augapesada, passing through the villages of Ventosa and Lombao.

Goint out Augapesada starts a hard ascent from almost three kilometres, on royal way, and later ascent till the locality of Trasmonte.

A soft slope brings us to Maceira Bridge, we cross its monumental core and after pass throught the new bridge we face up Barca and from there to Lower Chancela de Abaixo which is united to Negreira town.



Building of new ground plan, located at a rural nucleus 1.000 meters far from Negreira urban centre.

Lodging under the rule of de Xunta de Galicia, its capacity is 33 seats 2o of them for disabled persons. Open 24 hours and available all year long.



  • Kitchen-dinning room and living room
  • Clearing room
  • Laundry and drying place
  • Bikes parking
  • Hot water and drinking water
  • Heater
  • Showers and toilets
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Public phone