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Holy Christ

Alter the XIV century, legeng told as the zone fishermen saw a ship with troubles in the middle of a store and unable to advance, as it was anchored. They watch as from the ship they throwed a box to the sea and after been free of the charge the ship could follow its journey.

Once the box arrived to dry land, the sailors opened it and discover a Santo Cristo image, image conferred to Nicodemus, and they consider that its will was stay in this lands. From that moment on, it aroused great devotion and went into fame all around the region due the faithful who visited the Santo Cristo, mostly in the Holy Week.

This image has an affecting realism, standing out its deep humanize shape: is manhood size, it is told that the nails are human nails, that emit dead sweat and that hair and nails grow up.

Between its miracles they count to convert at christianity some moors who wanted to desecrate the church.