Portal de Turismo do Concello de Fisterra

San Carlos Castle

This building, with uneven shape to adapt itself to the rocky ground where it is settled, was initiated under the guidance of the engineersDemaur and Exaccha.

It was built on the middle of the XVIII Century (1757) within a defensive plan by the Corcubión estuary altogether with the Prince Castle, at Ameixenda (Cee) and the Cardinal Castle, at Corcubión, nevertheless an that period only was done the general planning of the castle, the site level, the laying of the foundation over rocks, the stone and earthenware base and a piece of the rampart.

It wasn’t finished Hill 10 after by aRoyal Order of Carlos III.
After the fire and overthrow happened on the French assault to Fisterra during theIndependence War, it counted with three fronts and an inner aisle with the officer outbuilding, the barracks and the gun-powder room. It was lately restored.