Portal de Turismo do Concello de Fisterra




Coast of Death area is one of the most important megalithic centers in all Galicia. There are a lot of monuments with great value.

Fisterra´s Town Hall has cataloged three Mamoas.

In Castromiñan you can find a Castro remains, perfectly outlined in the landscape.

We have to mention Orca Vella dolmen because it is part of the legend. It is located at the top of Facho mountain. This is a place with intense symbolism. It is related with fertility and dead rites. These rites were personified in the figure of the Orca Vella.




In this coast we had a lot of shipwrecks because it´s very steep, rocky and with many cliffs. Thanks to heroism and generosity of people that live in this lands, the number of people who lost their lives was not greater because they risked their lives to save other people lives.

There were a large number of accidents. In a period of 100 years there were 140 shipwrecks.











At Fisterra shores finished their day’s run vessels as the steamship Sunrise, the Monitor Captain, merchant ship John Tenat, the desytroer Blas de Lezo or more recently the Casón or the Prestige.

  • 28/11/1596: 20 vessels of the Spanish Fleet.
  • 07/09/1870: The English battleship HMS Captain.
  • 25/08/1878: The English merchant ship Bitten.
  • 19/06/1882: The English cargo boat Zuñirse.
  • 31/06/1903: Smash between the Swedish ship Svtpord and the English one Tang Castle.
  • 01/06/1907: The English cargo boat Denewell.
  • 12/06/1932: The Spanish Navy ship Blas de Lezo.
  • 31/03/1951: The English ship Ulster Duke.
  • 05/12/1987: The merchant ship Casón.
  • 13/11/2002: The tanker Prestige.