Portal de Turismo do Concello de Fisterra




Costa da Morte zone, inside the atlantic area, sets up one of the megalithic centres most important all around Galicia, as for the high number as for the importance of these monuments.
Fisterra City hall have classified three mámoas at Sardiñeiro de Abaixo. And it’s almost granted the existence of another one at Castro Lot, in the Duio Valley, seen by the place names and another one at Seoane Mount. In the very valley, at Castromiñán Lot, you can find castro remains, perfectly outlined in the landscape perimeter.

We don’t leave, even that looks like a legend, Orca Vella dolmen, which could be the westest at the peninsula at located at Monte Facho summit, place of a strong symbolism, related with the fertility and death rites, embodimented on the figure of the mythical Orca Vella.


All the coastal which shapes the Costa da Morte, rugged, rocky and full of dangerous sandbanks and cliffs, is witness of several shipwrecks which collected heaps of human lifes, beeing not big this quantity thanks to the generosity and the heroism from the people of these lands, some of them almost put in danger their lifes trying to save other lifes.

Due the great sum of disaters at sea ocurred (statistics put out by a 100 years period the sad balance of 140 shipwrecks) they loom up the raqueiros stories, local version of the sea pirates, who reach the point to rouse shipwrecks confussing the ships and making them run aground , geting valuable loots.

But we think that these tales respond more to the imagination than to real facts.










At Fisterra shores finished their day’s run vessels as the steamship Sunrise, the Monitor Captain, merchant ship John Tenat, the desytroer Blas de Lezo or more recently the Casón or the Prestige.

  • 28/11/1596: 20 vessels of the Spanish Fleet.
  • 07/09/1870: The English battleship HMS Captain.
  • 25/08/1878: The English merchant ship Bitten.
  • 19/06/1882: The English cargo boat Zuñirse.
  • 31/06/1903: Smash between the Swedish ship Svtpord and the English one Tang Castle.
  • 01/06/1907: The English cargo boat Denewell.
  • 12/06/1932: The Spanish Navy ship Blas de Lezo.
  • 31/03/1951: The English ship Ulster Duke.
  • 05/12/1987: The merchant ship Casón.
  • 13/11/2002: The tanker Prestige.