Portal de Turismo do Concello de Fisterra



Inside the Municipality Limits we find splendid beaches for every liking.


Lovely sandy spot 2 kms long where melts the beach with the mount.

This beach counts with the necessary facilities to attend the high number of visitors that come at the summer season.

Beach with blue flag, there is celebrated every years on July the beach party, where participate all the town people and a great number of tourists.


Hidden between pine groves near to James Way, there you can find this calm and shielded beach.


This small beach appears as a recondite cove with white sands and surrounded by wild cliffs.


Inlet with quiet waters inside the proper village, turning out ideal for kids enjoyment.


Lovely cove located near the Saint Charles castle, so peacefully and with a striking beauty.

Mar de Fóra

Lonely and withdrawal but looking to the open sea, been altogether with Praia de Rostro and Arnela, dangerous for bathing due its coast currents.

Isolated from urban population centres with a length reaching 500 m, it has strong surge and wind. It is protected into the programme Rede Natura 2000.


In the small town of Sardiñeiro, you can find this beach with delicate sand and quiet waters, where you can see wonderful views of the estuary.

O Rostro

Open to the Atlantic Ocean, it counts with an interesting dunes system which extends lengthways its almost three kilometres length.

Is one of the few sand spots that can be labelled as practically virgin.

Protected by Rede Natura 2000.


Small beach of 85 metres length located by Sardiñeiro.

Pequena de Estorde

Sardiñeiro - Fisterra