Portal de Turismo do Concello de Fisterra

San Juan church

It’s baroque-neoclassic style, from the XVIII-XIX centuries.

It’s ground plan is lounge-shaped, with thick walls and only one nave. It has three access gates to the nave.

The present façade, neoclassic, conserve from its baroque style the windows’s moulding, and on 1900 was atached the bulrush.

This church has not altarpieces , ‘cause they were destroyed during the succesive reforms due its bad shape. The inner ornamentation is meagre and only excels a great size crucifix presiding the high chapel, from the Compostela school of the XX century and with neat influences ofFrancisco Asorey and other galician sculptors from the beginning of the century.

Over a bracket is the figure of San Xoán Bautista, the incumbent saint, that image is very venerated at this coastal zone.